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About Meir Rakocz :

My Photographic skills and artistic abilities are the fruits of an autodidactic search.

I concentrate in documenting and in decoding
emotional/social associations within both my family cell and my social and professional circles. I explore landscapes of my 'homeland' and its related human codes.

I do my photographic artwork simultaneously with my practice in public & dental health .

My photographic artworks are exhibited in private collections and in the Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli  Art collection. 

All artistic /commercial contacts handled by the artist.





Born in Paris , France , lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
A Photographer and healthcare professional.

I had Solo and group exhibitions. 
My practice:
 - Art Photographer in own Photography studio.
 - Past head of the Pediatric & Hospital dental
   Division at the Sheba medical center,
   Tel-Hashomer, Israel.

Academic Titles: D.M.D ; MHA

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